Escola Paulista de Medicina
Postgraduate Program in Pharmacology



infar lab01

Multi-user laboratory 1

Scintillation and Luminescence Counter Micro Beta Jet

Gama Scintillation Counter

Infrared Spectrometer FT-IR Protein Analyzer

Mass Spectrometer Íon Trap Thermo LXQ (LC/MS)

Stopped-Flow SX-20 Spectrometer Applied Photophysics

Spectropolarimeter (Circular Dichroism Jasco)

Fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, absorbance and luminescence plate reader with automated microinjection (Flex)

infar lab02

Multi-user laboratory 2

Equipment for radioctive material manegement

infar lab03

Multi-user laboratory 3

Cryostat ThermoScientific Microm HM 550

Photo-documentation equipment Uvitec Cambridge

Microtome Leica SM2010 R

Real Time – PCR Applied 7500

DNA sequencer - Model 377 gel system

DNA sequencer - Model 3130 capillar system


infar lab04

Multi-user laboratory 4

Flow cytometry BD FACS Aria III

Flow cytometry BD FACS Calibur

Confocal MicroscopeSP8

Microscope LEICA for ratiomectric analysis and TIRF laser

infar lab05

Multi-user laboratory 5

Confocal Microscope Leica TCS SP8 CARS

infar lab06

Multi-user laboratory 6

Confocal Microscope Zeiss LSM 780

Super-resolution Microscope Microscópio Leica SR GSD 3D

infar lab07

Multi-user laboratory 7

Cell culture incubators

Flex Cell (Shear Stress system for cell culture)

Vertical Laminar Flows

Inverted Optical Microscope 

infar lab08

Multi-user laboratory 8

Bioluminescence IVIS 200

Small animals ultrasound Vevo 2100

infar lab09

Multi-user laboratory 9

Freezers -80°C

infar lab10

Multi-user laboratory 10

Refrigerated Centrifuge Hitachi

Stereomicroscope with epifluorescence system

Incubators and laminar flows for bacteria, C. elegans and fungi 

equip pesq II

Multi-user equipments in Research II building

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F7000

Microscopy system for bright field and fluorescence

Plasmon Resonance System (Biacore T200)

Animal experimentation laboratory (LEA-INFAR)

Tissue bank

Multi-user cell culture equipment

Surgery and histology laboratories

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