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Postgraduate Program in Pharmacology

Postgraduate Program in Pharmacology

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Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Regina Helena da Silva

Secretary: Luciane Santos de Oliveira / Alaine dos Santos

Instituto de Farmacologia e Biologia Molecular - INFAR
Rua Três de maio 100 – Térreo - Vila Clementino
04044020 - São Paulo, SP

Phone: 11 55764472

The Postgraduate Program in Pharmacology was founded in 1970 by Professor José Ribeiro do Valle.

The aim of the Program is to prepare students to be highly qualified candidates for the professional practice of teaching and research in Pharmacology, Physiology and related fields.
The Program focuses on quality and excellence in teaching and scientific & technological research, and on the continuous search for new knowledge.
It is flexible and is thereby able to prepare students for the diversity of careers in the field of Biological Sciences.
The Program also promotes the careful dissemination of results produced by the scientific community. Such actions have contributed to the development of high-level scientific research in this country, and collaboration with international centers of excellence.

Research focus
Experimental endocrinology: biology and molecular pharmacology of the male reproductive tract and of the mechanism of hormone action, especially as related to male cancer and fertility;
Natural products: pharmacology of active compounds isolated from medicinal plants;
Drug mode of action: pharmacology of smooth musculature, neurotransmission, calcium signaling and cell death;
Physiology: neurophysiology, physiology and pathophysiology of renal and cardiovascular systems, and the relationship between inflammation and dietary fats;
Neurotransmitters: neuropsychopharmacology (Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety) and learning/memory.

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