Escola Paulista de Medicina
Postgraduate Program in Pharmacology

Master's Degree

The objective of the Master's Degree in Pharmacology at Escola Paulista de Medicine - Unifesp is improve professional knowledge, promote scientific competence, develop teaching skills and enable the development of the ability to perform research in Pharmacology and Physiology and other related fields.

1. Requirements for Admission
1.1. University Diploma in Biological Sciences or Health Sciences.
1.2. Exceptionally, higher-level professionals from other areas may be admitted to the course, provided that there is interest of the accredited supervisor and that the approval criterion is in accordance with the Program Regulations approved by CEPG.

2. Requirements for the Master's Degree
2.1. Obtain at least 25 (twenty-five) credit units, resulting from their participation in courses, scientific meetings and didactic activity, approved by the Program's CEPG. The credit unit corresponds to 15 (fifteen) hours of programmed or supervised activities;
2.2. Comply with the compulsory subjects of the Program and the compulsory classes for all postgraduates;
2.3. Be approved in the qualification examination in accordance with the Program Regulations;
2.4. Present the dissertation within the standards established by the Program and demonstrate its ability to systematize the knowledge and use of methods and techniques of scientific and technological research.
2.5. Approval of Master's thesis by Examining Bank.

2.5. Write at least one paper as the first author referring to the dissertation, forwarding it for publication in an indexed journal.
2.6. There may be a maximum extension of up to three months within the stipulated period of 24 months at the request of the Adviser and CEPG evaluation.
2.7. The enrollment lockout period, if it occurs, will be computed within the deadlines established in accordance with the general regulations of the Postgraduate and Research Council (CPGPq) of UNIFESP.

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